4. Whining about the attention a dead diva is gettting.

Lots of people whining and complaining about the volume of media coverage that the late Whitney Houston is getting. Some saying her death wasn’t tragic and no great loss to the world.  WRONG. True, she lost her way & became somewhat irrelevant the past decade but come on - how cold can you be?  Her voice, her talent and her work meant a lot to a multitude of people at one time.  Her death was untimely and unnecessary and therefore tragic. The world lost the voice of an angel and that is WRONG. 

whitney houston

3. So many levels of wrong. 

3. So many levels of wrong. 

2.Why the United States Is Destroying Its Education System

They reward those who obey the rules, memorize the formulas and pay deference to authority. Rebels, artists, independent thinkers, eccentrics and iconoclasts—those who march to the beat of their own drum—are weeded out.” 

Nothing new here really - the corporate-backed education system has been doing this for decades.  Even so, still WRONG. 

1. Everything about this is WRONG!